Green Emotion

Why is the ladybird our mascot?

A ladybird! It will bring you luck. Since our childhood, we have grown up with this saying, because this cute red insect with seven black spots has always had a very good reputation and is considered to bring happiness. We have therefore chosen it as our mascot: because it brings positivity to us and to the environment around us. Yes, and much more.

You probably know that the ladybird is a great guardian of plants and nature. Farmers appreciate it above all for its eating habits. It helps to protect crops by repelling and eliminating aphids and parasites that may threaten plants and flowers.

As proud supporters of sustainability and lovers of the world around us, we couldn’t have chosen a better mascot…the ladybird fighting for the planet!

Planet or plastic?
Our separated waste collection

One million plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world.
If we pile them up one on top of the other, it would only take a few seconds to reach the height of Mount Everest.
This is to help you understand how plastic is overwhelmingly present on our planet.

Plastic has certainly changed our existence because it is light, durable and cheap.
Since it was invented, however, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced, including 6.3 million that have become waste, which can remain in the environment for up to 400 years. (Source: National Geographic Italia).
It’s true that we can’t do without it, but we can recycle and reduce it, without throwing it away.
Waste then becomes a resource, if separated and collected in the right manner.

Most Green Emotion products are therefore developed to be compatible with our planet, starting with bottles, made of recycled and/or recyclable plastic, and packaging designed to keep the use of plastic to a minimum, as in the case of eco-refill bags.
Every day we separate waste and re-use not only plastic from industrial waste but also post-consumer plastic, i.e. plastic from bell-shaped containers for waste, for our packaging.

Your daily gesture of throwing plastic into the bell-shaped containers for separated waste collection has been enhanced by us.
We have made bottles with up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET.

Risk and hazard pictograms…
No thanks!

Are you familiar with hazard pictograms? They are the images that appear on the rear labels of chemicals and most detergents. They take the form of a square, with a black symbol on a white background, framed with a red border and rotated by 45 degrees.

Home care products can be irritating, flammable, harmful, toxic and corrosive.
The pictograms on the labels should help you to recognise and correctly prevent any risk.
But Green Emotion has made a radical choice concerning safety and well-being. The rear label on most detergents does not contain chemical risk pictograms, making them much safer in contact with the skin…Safe for you, safe for the planet.

Respect for the skin:
hypoallergenic and metal-tested products!

Even a seemingly harmless action such as doing the laundry can have unpleasant consequences for our health and the environment.
This is because some detergents can not only pollute our planet but also increase the risk of dermatitis, irritation and allergies.

The main cause of this is heavy metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt and Lead), which may remain deposited in the fibres of treated garments after washing.

All Green Emotion detergents that come into contact with the skin are tested for these 4 heavy metals, thus helping to reduce the risk of dermatological disorders in the family. They are also hypoallergenic and delicately scented with allergen-free fragrances declared on the label.