Questions and answers

The main quality certifications for ecological detergents include Ecolabel, the EU eco-label issued by the Ecolabel-Ecoaudit Committee. Most Green Emotion detergents are Ecolabel certified and have a flower-shaped logo on the packaging, a symbol of a more eco-friendly product with a lower environmental impact than other products of the same type. Throughout their entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposal, our formulas have been positively evaluated in terms of their impact on climate change, biodiversity, energy consumption and resources, as well as many other practices related to protecting our planet.
Pollution caused by the detergents used in our homes is becoming an increasingly serious issue. Detergents that have Ecolabel certification guarantee a lower environmental impact (also in terms of packaging) while offering excellent performance for cleaning. The term “ecological” simply refers to the use of raw materials of natural origin from renewable sources, but does not consider any evaluation of environmental impact or performance excellence.
A product is biodegradable when, dispersed in the environment, it easily decomposes into compounds that are less polluting due to the action of bacteria or other micro-organisms. Most Green Emotion detergents and the raw materials used to make them are easily biodegradable, excellent for maintaining the ecological balance of our planet. The values of Green Emotion formulas are perfectly in line with current EU regulations on environmental sustainability and biodegradability.

Green Emotion does not only mean “environmentally friendly”, but also attentive to your skin. Our products have been clinically and dermatologically tested even on people with sensitive skin. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning with an extremely low risk of sensitization. In addition, tests for nickel, chromium, and cobalt are conducted for each batch.

Our products are continuously analysed to check the content of 4 heavy metals: The content of Nickel (Ni), Chromium (CR), Cobalt (Co) and Lead (Pb) in each formula must be less than 0.0001%. Heavy metals are naturally present in the environment around us and their wide diffusion in various applications has raised fears about the potential effects they could have on our well-being and on that of our planet. Some of these metal components can cause allergies in contact with the skin. Green Emotion therefore takes care to check the low content of these components in its formulas.
Green Emotion detergent formulas are made with surfactants of natural origin, obtained from renewable sources for sustainable development. The origin of these raw materials is guaranteed by certifications issued by suppliers selected by us based on environmental protection and safeguarding.
Natural raw materials are all the resources found on our planet, all that nature offers us. More specifically, instead, raw materials of plant origin are those that are 100% obtained from the plant world, entirely excluding the animal world. Green Emotion products do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.
Green Emotion detergent packs are environmentally friendly. All our products are packaged in recycled or 100% recyclable plastic. This means that all the individual parts of our bottles can be recycled, facilitating separated waste collection once the product has been used. Our research has shown that using selected materials for our products results in a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to using virgin materials. All this helps to protect the environment, but also you and your family. To discover all the green aspects of our packs, please consult the individual product sheets on our website.
All those people who have decided to eliminate any food of animal origin from their diet are vegans. This type of diet totally excludes meat and fish, as well as by-products such as milk and eggs. This lifestyle usually goes beyond the food industry to include other industries, such as clothing and, in our case, cleaning solutions. Green Emotion does not carry out tests on animals and guarantees formulas researched without using any raw materials of animal origin.
The environment is a precious resource to be preserved with care by means of small everyday actions. This basic principle has led to the creation of Green Emotion detergents with Ecolabel certification. Green Emotion products are also made at factories with ISO 14000:1 certification, the environmental management system certification for the entire production process.
Green Emotion products protect consumer safety, respect the environment and are not hazardous for humans. Most of our products don’t have a CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging), the risk and hazard pictogram usually found on the label. Lab tests carried out on the skin have scientifically proven that our formulas are tolerated even by the most sensitive skins.